Pulmonary Interventions

Welcome to One Stop Vascular Solutions - Your Trusted Provider of Advanced Pulmonary Interventions!

At One Stop Vascular Solutions, we understand the challenges associated with pulmonary conditions and the importance of comprehensive, specialized care. Our dedicated team of interventional radiologists is committed to delivering innovative solutions for patients with a wide range of pulmonary disorders, utilizing advanced techniques to improve respiratory function and enhance quality of life.

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Our Services
Diagnostic Procedures:
  • Pulmonary Angiography: We offer advanced angiography techniques to visualize the blood vessels within the lungs, aiding in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension, and other vascular disorders. Accurate diagnosis is essential for guiding appropriate treatment and optimizing patient outcomes.
  • CT-Guided Biopsy: We provide image-guided lung biopsy services to obtain tissue samples for the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, masses, and other abnormalities. Our minimally invasive approach reduces the risk of complications and enables precise targeting of lesions, leading to accurate diagnosis and timely intervention.
  • Therapeutic Interventions:
  • Percutaneous Lung Ablation: For patients with early-stage lung cancer or metastatic lesions, we offer percutaneous lung ablation procedures, such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or microwave ablation (MWA). These minimally invasive techniques utilize heat energy to destroy tumor cells while preserving surrounding healthy lung tissue, offering a potential alternative to surgery for eligible patients.
  • Bronchial Artery Embolization (BAE): BAE is a minimally invasive procedure used to control recurrent or persistent hemoptysis (coughing up blood) in patients with various pulmonary conditions, including bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. By selectively blocking the abnormal blood vessels feeding the bleeding site, we can effectively reduce or eliminate hemoptysis and improve patient symptoms and quality of life.
  • Pleurodesis: We perform pleurodesis procedures to manage recurrent pleural effusions (accumulation of fluid around the lungs) in patients with conditions such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or heart failure. By instilling a sclerosing agent into the pleural space, we induce inflammation and adhesion of the pleural layers, preventing fluid re-accumulation and providing symptomatic relief.
  • Why Choose Us?
  • Expertise : Our interventional radiologists have extensive experience in performing complex pulmonary interventions, utilizing advanced techniques to address a wide range of pulmonary conditions
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: We work closely with pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, and other specialists to develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs and circumstances.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Your health, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities. We strive to provide compassionate, personalized care in a supportive and comfortable environment, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve throughout your treatment journey.
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    If you or a loved one are facing pulmonary challenges or in need of advanced pulmonary interventions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at One Stop Vascular Solutions. Our team is here to provide support, answer your questions, and schedule your consultation appointment. Let us help you breathe easier and enjoy better pulmonary health with confidence and care.