Acute Limb Ischemia

Comprehensive Acute Limb Ischemia Treatment at One Stop Vascular Solutions, Hyderabad

Acute Limb Ischemia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Acute limb ischemia is a critical medical condition characterized by a sudden reduction in blood flow to the limb.. This swift decrease in arterial supply can result from partial or complete occlusion of the blood supply, leading to rapid ischemia and compromised limb function within hours.


One Stop Vascular Solutions: A Hub for Advanced Acute Limb Ischemia Treatment in Hyderabad

At One Stop Vascular Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for acute limb ischemia, leveraging cutting-edge infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors and care providers ensures personalized, end-to-end care for every patient, focusing on their specific needs to enhance overall health and well-being.

Causes of Acute Limb Ischemia:
  • Embolization: Thrombus migration from a proximal source, such as post-MI mural thrombus or prosthetic heart valves.
  • Thrombosis in situ: Rupture of an atheroma plaque leading to on-site thrombus formation
  • Trauma: Injury to vessel causing complete transection or thrombosis in vessel and also sometimes swelling due to soft tissue injury can cause compartment syndrome causing ischemia.
Symptoms and signs of Acute Limb Ischemia:
  • Pain
  • Pallor
  • Pulselessness
  • Paresthesia (tingling and numbness)
  • Perishingly cold
  • Paralysis
Diagnosis of Acute Limb Ischemia:
  • Clinical suspicion of an acute ischemia can warrant the investigations to make definitive diagnosis.
  • Doppler Ultrasound Scan: Utilizes vascular ultrasonography to assess peripheral arterial pulse.
  • Computed Tomography (CT) Angiography: Involves contrast dye for a detailed examination and source identification.
  • MR angiography, Conventional angiography
  • Additional Tests: ECG, 2D echo, urine and blood analysis.
Treatment Options:
  • Acute limb ischemia is a surgical emergency.
  • Main goal: Preserve the affected limb to prevent irreversible tissue damage.
  • Surgical Options: Embolectomy, local intra-arterial thrombolysis, bypass surgery and hybrid procedures.
  • Heparin Therapy: Administered in certain cases.
  • Amputation: In cases of irreversible limb damage.
  • Reperfusion injury leading to compartment syndrome and release of substances causing complications.
  • Morbidity and mortality can be due to underlying systemic disease and poor patient health. .
  • Focus on reducing cardiovascular mortality risk.
  • Lifestyle changes: Regular exercise, smoking cessation, weight loss.
  • Treat underlying conditions predisposing to acute limb ischemia.
Comprehensive Care at One Stop Vascular Solutions:
  • Surgical interventions performed by board-certified Vascular surgeons.
  • Collaborative approach involving vascular surgeons, interventional radiologist, foot surgeon and clinical psychologist.
  • Heparin therapy and advanced surgical techniques based on individual cases.
  • Monitoring for complications and providing long-term rehabilitation plans when required.

Choose One Stop Vascular Solutions for exceptional acute limb ischemia treatment in Hyderabad, ensuring swift and effective care for optimal outcomes.