dr_pradeep_burli Puzzle

Beyond his clinical prowess, Dr. Burli has a special interest in Clinical Governance, having served as the Clinical Audit lead for over 5 years during his consultancy in Lincoln County Hospitals.

A distinguished faculty member in national and international conferences, Dr. Burli also dedicates his expertise as a teacher for DNB trainees. His practice encompasses a wide spectrum of vascular and nonvascular interventions, such as Aortic work (TEVAR, EVAR), peripheral angioplasty/stenting for lower limb ischemia and diabetic foot, and Interventional Oncology (TACE, TARE, RFA, and Microwave Ablation). Additionally, his proficiency extends to embolizations covering Fibroids, varicocele, trauma, prostate, emergency GI bleeding, and Dialysis access-related interventions. Dr. Pradeep Burli stands as a beacon of excellence, combining extensive experience with a commitment to advancing the field of Interventional Radiology.